As Always, My Thoughts On 9/11

Are best expressed in fiction.

Others have also raised concerns over the ongoing nature of the haitai ritual. Though performing it after the first or second anniversary isn’t unheard of, most clerics don’t recommend it. Wassirian cleric Anes Mshai is an outspoken opponent of further Red Seteshday haitai.

“Bringing closure and allowing family members to say goodbye is healthy. Especially in the case of such a massive disaster. But reliving and recreating the event over and over again every year may be keeping them from moving on.”

Until Forgiveness Comes at Strange Horizons

2 thoughts on “As Always, My Thoughts On 9/11

  1. If OK with you, I believe I’ll close of my blog this week with a link to this story.

    This past Sunday, our minister read an editorial written by a woman whose mother died that day. It began, “Sometimes I feel as if I’ve been asked to attend my mother’s funeral every year for the past ten years…”

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