3 thoughts on “Best and Worst Genre Movies of 2008?

  1. *awestriking*
    “Dark Knight” – I could have used a touch more “on the nose” in the next-to-last scene and a little less metaphor *ducks so is not torn to pieces by fanboys* However, so good I give it till just before Oscar noms come out before haters start dubbing it “overrated”.
    “Iron Man” – Even though I hated them putting Gwyneth in those heels (‘cause you know fanboys are going to think it’s now officially realistic for women to be able to walk in them), I swoon at Jon’s writing and Robert’s … doing whatever he does.
    “Quantum of Solace” – Underrated. Loaded with subtext. See it again.

    “Wanted” – Too violent, and to what purpose? I could have appreciated the last punchline without the slow-mo bullets through the head.
    “Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” – Loved: that they made the attempt. Not so much: mucked-with storyline trajectory, blond(e) heroes and dark villains (yes, I know it’s canon).
    “Indiana Jones and the Goblet of – oh Sorry” – giving people what they want. Again and again and again and …

    *one long eyeroll*
    “Twilight” – vampirism as metaphor for sexuality among the adolescent set (with Cedric Diggory!) no thank you
    “10,000 B.C.” – dredlocks as metaphor for primitivism among the allegedly progressive no thank you
    “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” – When your Oscar-winning lead actress (Rachel Weisz) walks away, might be time for a rewrite, boys, you think?

    I’ve saved a place on each list because I don’t know where “The Day the Earth Stood Still” will go.

  2. Depends on “genre”. “The Fall” is arguably a fantasy film, and was utterly awesome.

    Otherwise… hmm. I saw superheroes done well in “The Dark Knight” and “Iron Man”. “Wall-E” had its moments. “Hellboy II” looked beautiful (but lacked in many other respects, sadly). “Forbidden Kingdom” was a passable slice of wuxia, but could have been enormously better.

    Doubtless there’s something huge I’ve missed, and someone else will mention it in commens, and I’ll facepalm.

    Next year, come the end of the year, I am really hoping we can look back and go “wow, wasn’t Watchmen awesome?”

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