Image of two drawings by Tempest, one a scarab beetle, the other a sun with sunrays that end in hands. Also shown are the markers used.

Daily Creative Challenge: Days 1 and 2

It’s a new year (according to some calendars, at least) and a good time to reset, refresh, and start anew. I gave up doing resolutions several years ago, though I still try to use the energy around this time of year as impetus to get back to things I need and want to do. Such as filling up my internal creative well by engaging in wild acts of creativity.

Okay, maybe not wild ones.

Last year I came across the Daily Project Deck by Molly McLeod and immediately fell in love. As you might know, I’m a big fan of fun practice activities such as writing exercises and games, so I knew this deck would tick all my boxes. I decided to start with it in February. I got sidetracked yesterday, so officially we’re starting on the second!

Here are the cards I picked from the deck: