Dear Google

Dear Google

Despite the fact that everyone seems to be talking about how you’re evil and you don’t support your products properly and other stuff, you and I have generally been cool.  But I have to say that we are going to have a slapfight in a minute if you do not fix the ongoing problem with Google Alerts and Blog Search.

I am spectacularly sick of getting a Google Alert every time I post on my blog because I have my story name in the sidebar of said blog.  There was a day when you knew the difference between a blog post and a sidebar.  It seems that day is no more.

In my WordPress backend and stats there’s a little window that tells me who has linked to me lately.  I’m sorry to say that this little window is now one of the most useless little windows in the history of little windows ever.  There I also get a new notification every time someone who has me in their sidebar posts anything at all ever.  EVER.  And, if it’s not doing that, it’s showing me links from months and months ago when I know damned well that newer links in public blogs exist.  Boo, Google.  Boo.

I want us to stay cool, Google.  I really do.  But I am starting to feel like if you cannot keep this basic function working, I don’t know that I want to entrust you with my entire online cloud.  (I know this is bad in general, but I am a lazy sheep when it comes to these things.)  Make me trust you again, Google.  Fix it fix it fix it!  Or else I am going to have to poke you with sharp, sharp sticks.

No love,

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