Election Fundraising XKCD Style

Election Fundraising XKCD Style

Sean Tevis is running for state representative in Kansas because his current rep is, well, kinda awful (in his opinion, at least).  He’s not a rich guy, a career politician, or someone with name recognition.  He’s just a dude who wants to make a difference… who also happens to be funny as hell.  Read this comic he drew, XKCD style, about why you should donate to his campaign.  He needs $26,000 by July 28th.  If 3000 people donate $8.34, he’ll reach that goal.  I just donated $16.68 because that comic is made of win, and so is Sean.

Just read the comic.  I dare you not to smile and, when you reach the end, to maybe plunk 8 bucks and change in his donation box.

(Via Jay Lake)

5 thoughts on “Election Fundraising XKCD Style

  1. It’s up to 4101 as of this time stamp (counting me, now). Thanks so much for the heads-up. Great comic.

      1. It was having problems the first time I looked at it (possibly because of the number of people visiting?), but it’s gotten back up to speed since then. I threw $10 at it.

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