Emails From The Future

Last week several family members forwarded me emails saying comedian Bernie Mac was dead. Generally, I don’t pay too much attention to mass forwards, but that caught my eye cuz I like Bernie a lot. But then I discovered that he was, in fact, NOT dead, and the emails going around were just weird rumors. Huh.

This morning I got another email saying Bernie was dead, so I decided to google the Bernie Mac Is Dead Rumor to point out to this person that, no, the dude is fine, only to discover that, this morning, he actually did die. (Source: CNN; Chicago CBS Affiliate) Unless this one is yet another hoax (and truly, if CNN is that lazy checking facts, they deserved to be hoaxed), I find this incredibly sad. Bernie Mac was a great comedian and actor.

But, if course, the SF writer in me was like: So what’s up with all the emails from the future? Almost 10 days ago someone out there wrote an email about Bernie being dead and passed it along. Psychic? Visitor from the future who got the dates mixed up? Jellybaby? If you’re going to spill the beans on tragedy from the future, can we get a look-see at the day after the election?

8 thoughts on “Emails From The Future

  1. This is sad, and the spookiness of the emails has kind of stuck with me all weekend. It’s weird.

  2. That’s a real shame. I liked Bernie a lot and this is way too young. Maybe smoking contributed to this somewhat? Who knows? My wife’s a nurse and people die from complications from pneumonia more often than the average person might think. But veejane’s right. There ususally are some underlying issues as well.

  3. I saw in on MSNBC (in between bouts of professional badminton!!), so at least CNN is not playing tricks.

    It’s so rare that pneumonia just randomly kills off a reasonably healthy, not-very-old person like that — reminds me of Jim Henson’s sudden death. (Which was… also pneumonia, right?) I guess I wonder whether Bernie Mac had heart trouble, or some other underlying/stealthy health problem, that the pneumonia took advantage of.

  4. I am guessing what happened was that because he had pneumonia, people new well in advance that he was quite ill. I’m saddened by this. I really enjoyed his comedy.

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