Federations Final Cover (with quote… omg)

Federations Final Cover (with quote... omg)

Look at this beautiful cover!

Federations anthology cover
(click to enlarge)

You see that ‘& more’?  That’s me!  I am & more.

Also.  ALSO.  Back quote by Wil Wheaton.  WIL FRAKKING WHEATON people!  Squeee.

Yes, I did just squee in public.  I have no scruples.  Wil Wheaton is awesome.  And so is this book.  And oh hey, you can pre-order Federations now! Squee.

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10 thoughts on “Federations Final Cover (with quote… omg)

  1. So, I’ve been lurking on your journal for a while and I must say-you are made of awesome. And yes, that cover is amazing. Tell me more about this anthology and your involvment in it. ( I’ll check out the links in a bit…when I have s’more time. :) )

  2. Yes, it’ll be out for Wiscon. I’ll have a table, with FEDERATIONS prominently displayed.

  3. Man! I’m so mad at myself for not even trying to write a story for that.

    That is totally awesome. And the Wil Wheaton quote on the back just makes it soar straight past awesome to… whatever is way past awesome.

    Will it be out in time for Wiscon?

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