Gamer Geeks, help a sistah out

I need to put together a list of blogs and news sites for gamers, but I have scant knowledge of the field. I know a lot of my friends are into that scene, though, so I’m asking for your help. I’d like to gather as diverse a list as possible, so I’m looking not just for the major gaming sites and blogs, but the individual or group blogs about games and gaming that you love. I’m also definitely looking for sites that focus on gamers of color or female gamers. This is for work, so sites that cover exclusively console stuff won’t be useful, but basically anything else you can think of to suggest, please add to the comments.


Update: Because of my spam and moderation settings, long lists of links are putting comments in moderation, even from those who’ve been approved previously. Don’t worry, I am on it! I’ll fish you out as I have the chance.

18 thoughts on “Gamer Geeks, help a sistah out

  1. I second While!Finished blog. Good site.

    I’ve had a really hard time finding game news sites that aren’t actively offensive. Very few seem to have any interest in hiring other than white boys and it shows.

    I’m currently tracking and Also a fan of the games at

  2. Game Set Watch ( ) has a nice indie perspective, summarizes the more technical, developer-focused site Gamasutra, and includes a lot of interesting regular columns.

    Auntie Pixelante ( ) describes herself as a “SPACE INVADER, GAME CREATRIX, PIXELBITCH, DOT-MATRIX DOMINATRIX, ‘ARTDYKE'”, and she is awesome. She regularly makes independent games. Note that her blog may be considered NSFW for some, as she’s recently been investigating BDSM images in pixel art.

    1. I have to disagree that Sexy Videogameland focuses at all on race. Leigh Alexander doesn’t really write about race. From what I’ve seen, she focuses more on sex and gender, and more often than not, her writing is a little problematic. For instance, she thought that RapeLay was more or less just fine.

      Heroine Sheik focuses specifically on sex, gender, and sex and gaming, but I’ve rarely seen Bonnie Ruberg write about race. Having said that, she did write at least one post that commented about the racist imagery in Resident Evil 5.

  3. GameSpot, IGN, and 1Up are kind of the big ones for reviews and such. GameFAQs is walkthroughs and guides — probably gets a lot of traffic. Iris Gaming Network is for women, by women — not a promo site, though, just a discussion forum.

    I don’t know anything about PC gaming sites, note; all of the above focus on consoles and PC games alike.

  4. Hi! I put this on Twitter, but I run, the premier online community where women go for all things geek. We have a volunteer staff of 12 wonderful women and are entirely female run. We cover video games, tech, anime, comics, books, and pop culture. We also do work in the community to encourage women to think of careers in tech and gaming industries and sponsor groups like She’s Geeky, Girls In Tech, IGDA Women In Games and other events.

    Thank you and I hope you enjoy GA!

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