Harry Potter and the… hmm, what was I saying?

Harry Potter and the... hmm, what was I saying?

My review of the latest HP movie is on Tor.com. What I did not say was that, during the scene in the cave when they go to get the locket? I kept falling asleep. It was THAT FUCKING DULL. I woke up at the end of it because there was fire. That is one of the most crucial, heart-rending scenes in the book and the movie managed to make it snooze-worthy. Sad.

Someone in comments pointed out that the scene with Hermione crying on Harry’s shoulder was well done — it was. I did forget to mention that.

3 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the… hmm, what was I saying?

  1. That movie was weird. When I was reading the book, I got very irritated by the amount of adolescent dramaz vs. the amount of actiony plot; watching the movie, it was the dramaz that kept me awake and the oh-so-serious plot and action that bored me.

  2. I can’t say that I’ve been terribly engaged by an HP movie since Prisoner of Azkaban (or however you spell it), though I’ve enjoyed them. (As I mentioned in a comment on your review over at Tor, the consumption of two pints during the movie may have affected my enjoyment of this one.)

    Though…is it just me, or did the phallic subtext of the broomsticks become, well, TEXT during the obligatory Quidditch match? The theater where I saw it was 21+ (hence the pints) and the audience couldn’t stop laughing. But I doubt teens would miss it either.

  3. Yeah, man. Damn shame. I’m not a fan of the series–not big on the books, but by the end of that last movie, I found myself actually caring, and I was all excited to see this one. Bored me to tears. By the time you-know-who got killed and I didn’t care, I knew that the movie had failed for me.

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