Hugo Nominations

First, a reminder. Hugo nominations close this Friday. If you are eligible to nominate, you should. You can nominate if you were a member of last year’s WorldCon or if you are a member of this year’s already. If you don’t know how to nominate, go here.

That said.

There were many fine stories and novels and novelettes and such published last year. I hope that if you read one you liked you will nominate it. Even if you didn’t read every story ever, you should nominate. And, if you are so inclined, I would not object to you nominating one of my stories.

I am not smooth at all, but whatever.

If I were to choose one story that I would ask people to consider it would be Elan Vital from Sybil’s Garage no 6. I personally think it’s the best short story of mine published last year, though I am excessively fond of Enmity and Different Day as well. It’s up to you to make that choice.

Also, I am eligable for Fan Writer. Just so you know.

Now I will stop my shameless plugging and get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

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5 thoughts on “Hugo Nominations

  1. if I were eligible to nominate I would be all over “Elan Vital,” my friend. it’s exquisite, to say the least. xx

  2. holy. cow. i just went and read elan vital. the problem here as i see it is that i now mass more than my mother does, and am physically incapable of fitting into her lap, even though she lives only a few miles away.


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