I Have The Power!

I Have The Power!

I was looking at my stats when I discovered that some people found my blog by searching for “xkcd kansas politician”.  I googled myself and found that I am #2 for that (without quotes). #1 is the Digg article.

Um, when did this particular blog get that much juice?  ABW has a high rank, I know, but this thing?  I’m boggled.

(Sidenote.  When I posted about that guy around noon yesterday he had about 1400 donors tallied.  When I checked at 1am, he had 2,894.  Wow.  Of course, this was more to do with getting links on BoingBoing and the front page of Digg than anything I did.  I just find it amazing that the internet brought in double the donors in 12 hours.  Awesome.)

I also seem to be high up in rank for any search containing the words william, sanders, rejection, and helix in combination.  At least one person searched for “pantiwadulous definition”.  Unfortunately, s/he did not find one here.

Since I now have all this power, I will use it in evil ways.  Since now this post will bring in hits from all that, I will nefariously redirect you to Fantasy magazine content this week.

We have a great story up: Watermark.  Really one of my favorite stories I’ve read all year in any venue.  You can also hear the podcast.  The author, Michael Greenhut, is answering questions about his story here.

For more fictiony goodness, check out the first chapter of Ekaterina Sedia’s amazing new book, The Alchemy of Stone.  It’s steampunky.

In reviews, my bud Mercurio D Rivera liked WALL-E. Plus we have an article about a fantasy game princess that isn’t a stereotype (those be my favorite).

As I mentioned, i have a column up about the Doctor and how he’s a jerk.  Some interesting discussion going on there (please contribute to it!).  And check out this video of firespinners, because firespinning is cool.

No Blog for a Beer this week, but you can talk about how much you love our new design.

That’s it.  Have a pandiwadulous weekend everyone!

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