5 thoughts on “I just don’t have it in me to educate any more white people today

  1. Tempest,

    I wondered over here to check out your site.

    (So that your regular drinkers here can be warned, I am a white male.)

    Your one-liner had me rolling in my seat.

    Yeah…didn’t I read a thread where you were considering charging white people for the education? Maybe I can help with those white people who need tuition assistance? (Do not get me started on Foundation names.)

    Yes, I will shake my head and look at my kids(who are racially mixed) and say, “I don’t know about my people sometimes”. Oh…my kids eat it up.

    Worse yet, my girls have begun asking me, “Dad, why do white people ______________?” Never a dull day in my home, Tempest. ; )

    I have a dry-erase board on my cubicle at work. With a marker I wrote, “Office expert on white people.” The reactions from my coworkers (mostly white) were hilarious – not to mention the puzzled looks I get when I say things like, “Ohh…stupid white people”.

    As I mentioned to one of my coworkers of color, “There are white people that I would give my limbs and life for, but, collectively, we have got to get up off or our butts, and be intellectually and emotionally honest about ourselves”. And yes, we to have laugh at ourselves too, because the short history of Anglo-Saxon/European/Caucasian people in this country is as absurd as it is anything else.

    I have filled enough space for now.

    Blessings to you in ’09.


  2. Well, my black daughter-in-law did it for you. She explained the difference to me, between being discriminated against because you are female and being discriminated against because you are black.

    Men who discriminate against you because you are female treat you like a child. People who discriminate against you becuase you are black treat you as “not human; a ‘problem’ to be solved.” As in the KKK.

    I heart my daughter-in-law!

  3. Tell me about it. I’ve been watching the “Oakland = Mordor” fallout from the riots… all without the context of exactly -who- was doing the breaking and burning…

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