25 thoughts on “I Was Born

  1. Hope you had a good one, Tempest. :) Watch out you don’t start that growing up nonsense! *g* See you soon.

  2. Happy birthday to you-ooo,
    Happy birthday to you-ooo,
    Happy birthday, dear outstandingly articulate juggernaut of righteous ra-age,
    Happy birthday to you-ooooooooo!!

    Yaaaay, Tempest!

  3. Happy birthday fiery Aries. I’m one too and I don’t put much stock in it except for feeling like all Aries belong to the best zodiac sign ever!

  4. In five minutes you’ll wake up and find you’re fifty, and look back on yourself now and wonder at how young you were.

    Congratulations and virtual cake. If you’d come to London there would have been real cake too!

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