Money For Nothing

This week I discovered that my workplace is raising my contribution to our health insurance to $50/paycheck.  (Before it was $30.)  I’m not too upset about that (whatever keeps my insurance from going away is fine, plus, they are paying a big chunk), but it does mean more of a crunch on my budget.  I decided that the best way to deal with it is to resolve to make fifty extra bucks a month via creative means.

In some months I’ll get money from stories I sell (and yay that), for the others I think I will again attempt to sell jewelry.  Or, I should say, I will start making jewelry again.  I haven’t for a while, mainly because I have so much else to do.

It used to be that I would make websites for extra cash.  But now that both of my jobs involve dealing with web stuff, I DO NOT want to spend my free time doing it.  At all.  Besides, Jeremy Tolbert is far better at it than me and he is more in need of serious gigs at the moment.

I think that I can swing making two reasonably priced necklaces or five $10 earrings a month.  I may even make a game out of it and solicit your participation.  That’s right, I’m making my readers my accomplices.  Mwahaha.

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