Gah! I Suuuuck :(

So, even though I put up a post about it and stuff, I didn’t get my WisCon panel descriptions in before the deadline!  Between my jobs and racefail and then Comicon, the deadline completely whizzed past me.  Plus, I had wanted to come up with panel descriptions for two of them and couldn’t for some reasons.  Now they will not happen.


I’m very sad.

(Even worse, the ones I really wanted in wouldn’t fit in at Readercon or anything, so I can’t even suggest them elsewhere. Foo.)

5 thoughts on “Gah! I Suuuuck :(

  1. 1-You don’t suck

    2-If WisCon doesn’t work out, there’s always Think GalactiCon in Chicago, June 26-28. It grew out of some Chicago anarchists’ experience with WisCon and reflects a radical leftist feminist pov, so your ideas will fit right in. There were also a bunch of WisCon folks there last time, and I would imagine there will be more this summer.
    Check it out,
    (yes, I am on the concom)

  2. I second the suggestion to Email them. They’re still a week away from the next stage in the process. They might decide your panel ideas are worth slipping in.

    Need to save the impromptu space for all _my_ panel ideas that didn’t make the cut. ;)

    Or for a Dollhouse panel, since it hadn’t aired before the deadline.

  3. it couldn’t hurt to write them up and email them to program33 at wiscon dot info. they might not make it, but then again they might. :)

  4. Impromptu programming: we haz it!

    At Wiscon in 2007 we came up with, reserved space for, publicized, and did a vid show all in the same day. I think we can definitely find a way. (If someone else didn’t submit your ideas wholesale, which would not surprise me.)

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