23 thoughts on “New Icon

  1. Please tell me the David Anthony Durham one is NOT based on a real-life mistake because, like, I’ve already had one ‘damn people are ignorant’ head ‘splosion today…

  2. But you were so great as Uhura.

    (Hey, can we all get “I am not Tempest” tee shirts made, for if we’re standing next to you or something? Next Wiscon, you should do a photo of a few dozen people wearing “Tempest [] Not Tempest []” tee shirts with ticks in the appropriate box)

  3. ROFLMAO!!! I love it. I haven’t given up my idea of some kind of online game that would first display the correct face-name combos, then test players by requiring them to successfully match the faces of black SF writers to names. Those who fail would get shamelessly mocked somehow.

    Too harsh?

  4. No one would think everyon was Tempest if you didnt keep talking about it! Just like how racism would go away if people would stop bringing it up!

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