NYC Group Writing Evenings?

NYC Group Writing Evenings?

I don’t get to have many group writing days, anymore, partially due to me not organizing them and the folks who used to do them with me don’t as much, anymore. Or they’ve moved away1. But now that I have a semi-regular schedule again that does not involve working into the night for no good reason, I’d like to try having them again.

During NaNoWriMo I organized a big write-in at Vagabond Cafe and really enjoyed it. Wondering if people in NYC would be interested in weekly write-ins. Perhaps not on such a large scale as NaNo ones, but groups of 5 – 10 folks all dedicated to writing for an hour or two together on a regular-ish basis. I’m sure we can accommodate more if more people are interested and show up.

Vagabond is a good location if we have a smaller group and want to do Tuesday since that’s the night they’re slowest and have no live music. For other days (Monday, maybe Thursday?) I suggest a new cafe called Irving Farm on the upper west side. They have a huge space in the back and are often very empty in the evenings. They serve beer and wine, which is always a bonus.

The kind of writing evening I envision is one where people trickle in for the first half hour, get drinks, food, etc. and chat a bit, then we get down to the SRS bizness of writing. No talking, the whole thing. Maybe we’d do a no talking, heads down sprint in 30 minute chunks then take breaks.

I’m open to ideas about how the writing evening should be structured and any other details. Discuss in the comments and let me know if you’re interested!


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  1. I just sent everyone on this thread (except Ellen!) an email about scheduling. If you didn’t get it, hit me up via the contact page on the site.

  2. I’d be up for it. It could be fun to write with other people so it’s not such a solitary activity.

  3. I am definitely interested! I can’t really begin until August, but either weekday evenings or weekends will work for me. I’m in Bed-Stuy on the G train.

  4. Well, no way I travel to brooklyn, but in case you all do end up there, do the libraries have WIFI?
    I have to been to one’s that did not have it, Yes, lol, in this day and age. B)


    1. The main branch of Brooklyn public might work. they’re open until 9 mon-thurs. Just have to scope out the best area to meet and write.

  5. Tea Lounge is great! Does it get crowded in the evenings? I went a few times in the spring and it was tricky finding a seat.

    Pacific Standard is a bar bar so i’m not sure if they have wireless but they have a pretty open back area with seating and couches. Again, not sure of the busy-status but it is walkable from Atlantic.

  6. I’m definitely interested in writing meetups, but weekends would be best for me since my work schedule during the weekdays is unreliable. Sounds like fun. Keep me posted!

  7. I am interested! I will keep my eye on this to see what the final scheduling turns out to be. I can’t make Tuesdays at all. And I live in Brooklyn so hiking up to the west side isn’t always something I want to do after work. So that’ll depend on the day.

    1. Those of you in Brooklyn, can you suggest some venues? Perhaps near the Atlantic Center so that it’s easy for many to get there no matter where they live?

      I’m thinking maybe if we have a regular rotation — some uptown and some downtown venues, Brooklyn — on different days we can make it regular enough for consistency but also varied enough for people who can’t make certain days or locations.

  8. I’m definitely interested, but my scheduling chi is very off this summer and it generally depends on how fatigued I feel after work. So I may show up intermittently, unless its on a Monday night which I definitely can’t attend. Tuesdays may be not-good either.

  9. Great idea and how about, getting this set up in time for the August CampWrimo?

    Count me in, what ever evening you pick is fine, as long as we are talking about Manhattan, B)


  10. I’d be into it, though probably wouldn’t do every one. My one comment on venue is that the back room at Irving Farm has no windows, and that creeps me out a little.

    1. I don’t mean the hidey hole we were in the last time, I meant the whole back area. We can sit under the skylight if that pleases you.

      I was there last night and it was DEAD after 8PM. Like.. I was the only one in the back.

  11. I am really bad at committing to things like this (especially right now, when I’ve got so much travel upcoming I can hardly see straight), but I would be interested in knowing about get-togethers and might drop by now and then.

  12. I am very, very interested! My old routine of writing at home just isn’t working anymore (largely because I live in a shithole), and I need to shake things up a bit. Starting after Readercon week, I can totally do a Tuesday at Vagabond meet-up. I’d also be up for doing something on the weekends on a regular basis, since it’ll force me to put on pants and get out of my apartment. :P

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