NYC Outing: Twelfth Night in the Park

Once again it is time to get up at ass o’clock in the morning to sit in line for tickets to one of the best free Shakespeare productions in the city. The first play this summer is Twelfth Night, and you know I’m excited since it’s my very favorite play. I’m not real down with Anne Hathaway, but Audra MacDonald is enough to erase all doubts and hesitations.

I’m going to be in line on Wednesday July 8th at 5am with Nora. If you want to join me, you’ll have maybe a 30 minute grace period before people would complain about you joining us. Please do, though! Sitting in line is never tiresome if you have friends around, picnic food, and music! (also a chair… and an umbrella. I’m an old hand.)

If you think you’ll come, comment! I’ll email you my cell #.

8 thoughts on “NYC Outing: Twelfth Night in the Park

  1. A competent, enjoyable production, I thought. Nothing outstanding, though Audra MacDonald was swell. I passed a pleasant evening with a favorite play (even with the rain hiatus).

  2. Heh. Anne Hathaway is doing Shakespeare? Sometimes the world just turns meta, all of its own…

    (This is somebody’s cue to tell me that “Anne Hathaway” is her stage name, and thereby shatter all my illusions.)

  3. Ooh!! I would really really like to! But I’m not sure if I’ll have work or not! But if I don’t, I’ll come pounce you!!

  4. I’m not free for that, but I might be coincidentally going on the same day! Twelfth Night is also my favorite Shakespeare play, though not my favorite play period.

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