Oh, and over at my other job…

Oh, and over at my other job...

Brilliant post today from Genevieve: 10 Fantasy Movies That Ruined It for the Rest of Us.

List includes Willow, Labyrinth, Somewhere in Time, and Excalibur, among others. Excalibur will always hold a special place in my heart, as Scott McPartland had us watch that movie when doing a lecture on Arthurian myth. It was fantastically bad, and included a scene where Merlin made it so Uther coulkd ride across the sky on a pony to reach his lady love. As it was the early 80’s, the effect is as bad as you’re imaginging it. Possibly worse.

4 thoughts on “Oh, and over at my other job…

  1. Oh, look how cute I am. I have no idea who this is either.

    Very fun commentary on this piece over at Fanatsy – thank you!

  2. Ah, I actually LIKED those movies. Which fantasy movies are good, do you think?

    Oh, and AH Jennings – That character is HENRY, the man who saves the world at least once per episode of Eureka.

    And yes, I am a total dork. Why do you ask?

  3. What made that scene really hilarious was Merlin’s hammy yelling at Uther to “Ride the dragon’s breath…!” while rolling his “r”s and everything. I dearly love that movie even with its bizarre tone-shifts that made me wonder if the movie was actually kidding.

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