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I am pretty knowledgable about SF/F markets for original work, but woefully ignorant of places that take reprints.  Obviously I know of the Escape Artist stable, but am less aware of other podcasts. (With the exception of Clonepod and Drabblecast. I had not-good experiences with both, and I’m reluctant to send them anything else.  Nothing truly horrendous, just enough that I personally am not going to send them anything else in the forseeable future.) Anyone care to give me a head sup on the reputable markets that take reprints so I can start bombarding them?

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  1. The only one I can think of offhand is Apex Magazine for sf and dark fantasy – I haven’t found a lot of markets that allow reprint submissions (most seem to solicit reprints directly from writers, if they take them at all). The link below will take you to Douglas Smith’s foreign market list – pretty much all of them take reprints, but you have to comb through the list carefully to find the right markets:

    1. that list of foreign markets is awesome! I just went through and added the useful ones to my submission tracking program. Thanks!

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