KGB Photo For The Win!

Almost all of my favorite pictures of myself have come out of KGB readings lately. Here’s one from this past week (by Ellen Datlow, as always):

Tempest @ KGB by Ellen Datlow

There were a bunch of other great shots, too. Evidence at this link.

I used to hate having my picture taken. I still kinda do, but I have now been working on how to minimize the things that I dislike about pictures of myself. I am almost an expert at tilting my head in useful ways. I am also practicing “looks”. Though no matter what I do, I look awesome in this shirt and always will:

High Tea; Tempest vs. Minz

Pretty Things

Pretty Things

Last week at KGB I came down (almost) directly from work, so I had work clothes on.  The shock on people’s faces at seeing me in something other than jeans and a t-shirt was hilarious.  Nora actually said, “Oh Jesus what happened to you!?” and I believe Genevieve’s exact words were, “You’re secretly a call girl now, aren’t you?”

Jim Patrick Kelly and Tempest Bradford

Do you see why I never bother to dress up?  Sheesh.

Anyway, I did stop by my apartment to drop off my bags and laptop and decided to finally wear the lovely necklace you see around my neck for the first time.  It was a gift from the very talented JoSelle Vanderhooft and is based on Black Feather.  I nearly fainted from the vapors when she first gave it to me.  And it looks just as awesome on as it does in my little hands.

Here are some more shots of me in my shocking state of prettiness.  This will have to tide you all over for another year or so, cuz if the faces of surprise people pull is going to be normal, I might as well spare people heart attacks!

Tempest Bradford and Susan Groppi

Tempest in profile

See more KGB photos here. All taken by Ellen Datlow.