Teeny Tiny… MacBook?

Teeny Tiny... MacBook?

Screw the MacBook Air, look at the MacBook nano!

MacBook nano

10 inches!  Less than 3 pounds!  Cute little Apple logo!  Completely fake.  haha.

Someone in Taiwan is making “MacBook nanos” that, yes, have OSX on them and everything.  However, they are definitely not actually made by Apple.  Still, they are adoreable!

The netbook (mini-notebook) actually being used is an MSI Wind, my collegues’ favorite netbook.  (I am liking it so far, myself.)  It’s still not perfect, though.  SIGH.  Where is my perfect netbook?

8 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny… MacBook?

  1. ::snicker:: I wonder how well they’re selling? Maybe that’ll convince Apple to give it a try. (Still mad they got rid of the 12″ MacBook.)

    1. Fairly close to the 12″ MacBook (or smaller), optimized for battery life. The Fujitsu P-series were great, lightweight machines but lacked OS X. I just want something small, lightweight and ultra-portable with a decent sized keyboard and great battery life. That’s not too much to ask, right?

      1. No, it’s not. I’ve been thinking a lot about what my perfect mini-notebook would be.

        I have two configurations that I can’t decide between.

        #1 – 10-inch machine with a 32GB solid state drive, Intel Atom processor, around 3 pounds, good keyboard, long battery life (6 hours at least, 8 hours is perfect), with a memory card reader that can do SDHC. It should come with a distro of Linux that is easy to use – lots of graphical clickys, no need for me to go to the command prompt if I want to do simple things like turn on my bluetooth. Also a distro that is easy to add programs to, should I find a need to add a program. Extremely durable as I’m likely to drop it at least once.

        #2 – 12-inch machine with the same hardware as above — I don’t want a small real laptop, but a bigger mini laptop. Must have at least 6 hours of usable battery life but, again, 8 hours is perfect. This one could come with Windows XP, but Linux is okay, too. Has to be ultra light and really strong, cuz it’s getting shoved in a bag all the time.

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