Tempest Challenge #23 – Hell by Kathryn Davis

I love having guests on the Tempest Challenge! They often introduce me to books I hadn’t heard about, and, after hearing them talk about said book, I want to run right out and read them. Such is the case with this week’s book, Hell, written by Kathryn Davis and praised to the sky by Maria Dahvana Headley.

“All of the sentences are going to kill you, they’re so good,” Maria says about this and all of Kathryn Davis’ books. This short, experimental work “rewards multiple readings” and should be appreciated by everyone.

I hope you’ll also check out Maria Dahvana Headley’s books and short stories–I have enjoyed many of them and I’ll tell you why in upcoming Challenge videos.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Hell on the #KTBookChallenge tag on Twitter and Tumblr or the comments here or on YouTube. And, as always, you can support me making Tempest Challenge vids by clicking the links below when you…

Buy Hell from Powell’s or Amazon.