The Interstitial Arts Foundation Needs Some People-Power!

Many of you who follow my blog know that last year I helped coordinate the Interfictions auction for the IAF. We got some amazing jewelry artists to create pieces based on the stories in Interfictions then auctioned them off to raise money for the second volume. Interfictions 2 will be out this fall (November or thereabouts) and to celebrate we’re having another auction!

This is all many months away, but we’re going to start soliciting artists right now and getting the ball rolling. I will have more information about that next week. For right now, I have a different solicitation. We need folks to help us make this auction happen.  The more help we have the less everyone involved has to do. I know there are many talented and generous people amongst my friends and acquaintances, so I’m putting the word out to you.  Here are the positions we need to fill:

Project Manager — Like the title says.  Someone to coordinate efforts, keep people on task, set goals, and be an organizational goddess (or god). This person can work from anywhere as long as you have reliable Internet access.

Assistant to the PM — We’d like this person to be in NYC; support the PM, help facilitate communications, and act as primary artist liaison.

Web Assistant / Marketing — I’m going to need a person to help me with the web stuff, including getting the auction and individual pieces linked around, updating our Twitter and Facebook, maybe even doing a little work in WordPress.  This person can work from anywhere.

Photographer / Image Editor — Needs to be based in NYC.  Someone who is already set up to take pictures of products/jewelry (like having a lightbox or similar) and who also knows how to fiddle with images in photoshop to color correct and prettify.

Mailing Coordinator — Needs to be in NYC. Someone who is willing to receive all of the art and update the master list, get the art to the photographer and get it back again, then ship it out to auction winners.

Also, if you are an artist who participated in the last auction, we’d like your help in the choosing artists phase (which will mostly involve emailing people).

All of this is on a volunteer basis and hopefully will not take up more then a few hours of your time each week.  If you’re interested in taking on any of these roles, please contact me here and let me know.

10 thoughts on “The Interstitial Arts Foundation Needs Some People-Power!

  1. I can get you some art, I think, from a few of my Nashville art & craftin’ people.

  2. Aw crap, I can’t help with anything else that you need, because I’m not in NYC and I’m not really a great organizer. :( Sorry, Tempest. Sorry, Ellen.

    But I will happily make art again for you! Always! :)

  3. Oh, wow. I’m not really equipped for any of the above, but look very forward to getting involved with this new auction! :3 *will probably cop out and bead again*

    1. Deborah: YES!! That is why we’re calling it “Wearable & Portable Art!” As long as it can be easily worn, carried (and *mailed*), we’d love it. Thanks for posting about it on your LJ!

  4. Ah. But neither do we want to scare off competent & committed people who don’t happen to be in NYC. Especially if they – and their pals – live somewhere Nexus-like and can also produce a gallery show in their own town!

    I definitely want to do a show/reading in NYC – and one in Boston as well – both of which will require *more* posts asking for *more* volunteers . . . and I feel we’re fully up to it.

    But even for that, we don’t need to have ALL the art in one place at one time for that. There could just be SOME. I certainly wouldn’t let that stop us from getting competent admins in Seattle or St Louis or SF to sign on for this project!

    1. true. if we find people willing in other cities who can do both, then I would not say no to them. But if we want to have even some for the show(s), then it would mean having them ship it to us and then us shipping it back, and all after it’s been photographed. If someone is willing to coordinate all that (and pay the shipping) then I say go for it.

  5. But does everyone really need to be in NYC? Seems to me the photographer & the mailing person both need to be in the same city, that’s all…..

    Thanks, everyone, for offering to help! We need lots of committed & competent folks to pull this off. More news as it happens – looking forward to seeing your work, and to getting your help in spreading the word!

    1. I suppose maybe not. but then if we’re going to have a gallery showing here along with a reading then we’ll want all the stuff to be here, too.

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