11 thoughts on “The Predictable Flounce

  1. I don’t understand why she took it down, but I think she did it after I posted my second comment, which again asked her what, exactly WisCon had done to make her feel unsafe.

    I think I also may have implied that her use of “mob language” was being leveled at people of color speaking their minds at conventions.

  2. It bugs me that she took it down ostensibly because people were speculating about what could have happened. I couldn’t help but read the original post as, “I am right! Really, I am! I have actual reasons, and rightness… I just can’t tell you yet. But if you don’t take my word for it, you suck.” Under those circumstances, speculation is perfectly fine.

    1. When I was 15, I got disgusted with the “real yogis can levitate; just not in public where you could see it because that would be showing off” bullshit I was being handed. (not that this is the position of all yoga students, just the ones I ran into at the time).

      This is the same bullshit, imo.

  3. Damnit, because I had finally figured out how to respond. I was going to mention I’d never been dragged into an alley, beaten and raped, so obviously I’ve never experienced sexism and I’ve just read about it in a book somewhere.

    Well, this seals it; I think she should legally change her name to “Kathryn Bravery Kramer.”

    1. I had a comment in the moderation queue that was exactly that; that I’ve seen too many real people do the “How dare you tell me you’re hurt because some guy groped you? I was raped for real.” exercise.

      Not surprised it doesn’t seem to have made it out before it all went away.

      1. Oops. Actually, it must have made it out, since someone cited a response (that if complete, failed to answer my questions or comments)…

  4. I cannot say that I am surprised. I’m sure she thought she was doing something big and useful and whatever, but it made her look bad and presumably someone pointed out (or maybe she read the comments here) that the binary attitude wasn’t working for her.

  5. Y’know, if you put stuff up on the net that you don’t want other people to see, there is such a thing as a filter and privacy settings.

    Regardless of whether she was feeling the heat or not, pulling the post down is sort of a punk move which is something I noticed during RF09. People who were passionate and willing to deal for whatever length of time they were able (on all sides of the debate) left their posts up for people to see and comment on. Maybe after a point comments were turned off, and in some cases, that was probably for the best but the folks who really were just feeling like they couldn’t craft the conversation in their own image were the ones who locked the posts or took things down.

    Trouble is, once you’ve seen the initial posts you can’t unsee them. Folks remember.

  6. Asking why she is crazy is like asking why the sky is blue I guess. I really want to know, but the technical answer is going to bore me and the underlying “but why is it LIKE that?” will never be explained in a satisfying way.

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