The Unblinking Eye [Part 1, rough]

The Unblinking Eye [Part 1, rough]

The cold open of my TNG/Doctor Who fanfic is done, so I thought I would share it with you all. I also came up with a tentative title. It will likely change.

Okay kids, keep in mind that this is a first draft. Like a really, really first draft. Have fun.

The Unblinking Eye

Captain’s Log, Stardate 46389.2. We’ve just entered the Davien system and commander LaForge informs me that the test of the new subspace field generator will commence within the hour. If successful, the new engine will increase dilithium efficiency three-fold.

“All right, Data. Activate the field.” Goerdi LaForge swept his rolling chair between consoles, keeping track of half a dozen monitors at once. This first test was going to be tricky, and he didn’t want to give the engineering core back at Starfleet Headquarters any reasons to shut him down before he could prove this new engine scheme would work.

“Subspace field activated.” Data stood at Engineering’s central console while the rest of the crew moved between the warp vestibule and their consoles, keeping almost as diligent an eye on the outputs as their boss.

All signs were good, and Geordi was about to give the order to go to warp 1 when a sharp, rushing sound interrupted the normal thrumthrum of the room. It lasted only seconds, hardly enough time for panic to well up in his chest at what might be going wrong. And when it was over a body lay sprawled on the floor.


“Intruder alert,” the computer announced in her faux alarmed tone. 

“Picard to Engineering.”

“Data, shut down the warp core, now!” Geordi ordered as he rushed forward, wondering which of his crew was hurt. It wasn’t until Data grabbed his arm that the ‘intruder’ warning finally sunk in, reinforced by his friend suggesting that he wait.

“That is not an Enterprise crewmember,” Data stated. At this, several people trained phasers on the unmoving person, per protocol. But something had pinged Geordi as familiar about the person, and it was still his instinct to try and help.

“Well, who?”

“Engineering, what’s going on?” The captain’s voice cut through the warring priorities in Geordi’s head.

“Captain, an intruder just beamed into the room, but she appears unconscious.” Critically low heartbeat, barely any breathing, and circulation not anywhere near where it should be. “We need a medic and Security right away.”

“Mister Worf is already on his way. Picard to SickBay, medical personnel to Engineering.”

Without warning, the woman’s vitals jumped and she gasped in air, only to cough it out again so hard he was afraid she’d die right there.

“Geordi?” her voice was very weak, but definitely familiar. “Commander… Data?”

“Ensign Ro?” Data answered.

As soon as he said it, Geordi knew it was true. No wonder she looked familiar. He pulled away from Data and went to her side, though the phasers were still trained on her. If this was Ensign Ro, something had gone very wrong since she’d left the ship two weeks ago. She looked decades older, like a woman at the end of her life. It didn’t make sense.

“Ro, is that you?”

Data helped her sit up just as Worf arrived with two security officers.

“Commander.” Worf’s voice was both a question and a warning, but Geordi’s focus was on the ensign.

“Is this the Enterprise?” Ro asked.

“Yes. Where did you come from?”

She smiled, her breaths coming much harder now. But she made the effort to turn and look right at him. “The weeping angels. Don’t blink. Do you blink?”

Dr. Crusher arrived just as her eyes closed and her heart fluttered, then stopped.

“Ro? Ro!”

Beverly took over, running the tricorder over her before calling for emergency transport to sickbay. They were gone within seconds, but Geordi kept staring at the space where Ro had appeared.

“Did that make any sense to you?” he asked Data. The android shook his head.

“Her words would appear to have been nonsense.”

Of that Geordi wasn’t at all sure.

More acts as I write them.

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