Things I Want To Do

  1. Go to SmallCon. I probably can’t, though, since I’m going to World Fantasy at the end of that month.
  2. Go to JemCon. Do not judge me. Again, I probably can’t go since I need to reserve the vacation days for World Fantasy. Still, it’s very tempting to try and go just for the weekend. I would need someone to go with me as I’ll know no one there. And transport. Sigh. SIGH, I said.
  3. Go to World Fantasy. I’m covering this for the day job, yet I sill have to use vacation days. I am making this face –> :/
  4. Go to DragonCon. Can’t go, have to go to Germany, instead. I know, life is hard.

What do you want to do?

4 thoughts on “Things I Want To Do

  1. OMG JemCon.

    Wonder if I know enough to attend, I only have y fuzzy childhood memories, but hmm.

  2. I wish you could go to Dragon*Con. Then I could tell everyone I’m you. Because we totally look alike, except for the part where we so don’t.

  3. JEMCON!!

    Well now thanks to you I’m gonna be Youtubing Jem music videos for the rest of the dang afternoon.

  4. Since it’s the 25th anniversary, I’m not that surprised that there’s a JemCon. But the fact that this is JemCon FIVE!? Now that’s outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. I hear Barbie and the Rockers are going to be in a shitty hotel down the street, drinking themselves into oblivion out of jealousy.

    I wish I could go to DragonCon, too. One of these years…

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