This should be a new HGTV show

Help me decorate my cubicle!

Today I finally got my permanent computer at work so I am able to arrange my deskspace how I want it to be forever.  I’ve avoided personalizing my space until I was sure where everything was going to be.

So, how should I decorate my space?  I’ve never had a cubicle before.  What’s essential?

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    That’s what I miss most about my office at Del Rey. I had about 250 action figures and toys all over the place. Often when I went away of vacation, I returned to discover that the toys were engaged in…well, not-safe-fo-work activities.

    When I got laid off, I stayed late on my last day and redistributed them throughout the entire company. Everyone came in to find toys on their desks the next day.


  2. One of my favorites, in the days I had a cubicle, was picture postcards. Places I’d been. Places friends had been. Reproductions of artwork I like. A wall calendar with good pictures is nice too. I had lots of bright colors, but I like bright colors.


  3. Yay! I was just thinking you needed a more homey and decorated cubicle!

    Perhaps I will try to find all my old calligraphy stuff and copy out a poem for you or something. OR YOU COULD JUST PUT UP TOTALLY HAWT PICTURES OF FREEMA AGYEMAN; YOUR CHOICE.

  4. I think what you need around you is stuff that makes work easier/better. So I tend to have lots of research and data and stats taped up. But I also have hilarious pop-culture tidbits my brother sends me, goofy funny job-related things, and a calendar with colorful photos.

    Also some good coffee mugs. On has Shakespearean insults on it, the other has the MSDS for caffeine. (I’m a scientist, in case that wasn’t clear.)

    So, things that are helpful and things that make you happy. With no caveat that any of these things can’t also be useful (like coffee mugs).

    If color makes you happy, put up color. If photos, then. If clean, zen organization makes it easier for you to work, then you’re like no one I’ve ever worked with before, but good on ya.

    Have fun!

  5. Ooo, congratulations!

    *looks around own space*

    -Funny cartoons
    -Photos of people you like
    -Amusing add-on computer keys (Mine says “eject”)
    -Fortune-cookie fortune(s) –
    -Motivational saying printed out really really small on p-touch tape and stuck to the monitor. (mine: “some days you get the food pellet, some days you get the electric shock.”) We use p-touches a lot at my job so it’s handy.
    -Tiny statuary (I have a Ganesha, a Poppet, and a totem pole) and/or action figures
    -Decorative coffee cup for holding pens and stuff.
    -Upgraded versions of the crappy office supplies they give you (cute pens, post-it notes holder, etc).
    -Desk Blotter for under your keyboard, if you scrawl a lot of notes
    -High-school girls’ locker mirror
    -A small calendar
    -Arty postcards
    -Cute ceramic jar or coffee cup for change, bandaids, lip balm–whatever you need to grab over and over but don’t want out in the open

  6. Personally, I think the most important thing to have in any workspace is a reminder of why you’re there. I find a picture of my husband and cats serves to cheer me up and reminds me on the bad days that, yes, I do need the job. Since I write for children most of the time, a collection of stuffed animals helps me stay connected to my inner kid and stay focused on helping the kids grow up to be the best adults they can be.

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