What To Do With Smoked Salmon?

For the holidays, my homegirl Cat Rambo sent me some smoked salmon from the great Northwest. It’s been in my possession for quite a while because, I must confess, I’m not sure how best to utilize such a wonderful thing. I have the itch to cook a bigish meal this week and it would be good to include the salmon. Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything I should run out and buy to accompany it? I’m open to anything that isn’t too expensive.

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  1. I just eat it with a really really awesomely good bagel, and really good cream cheese. Someone else suggested dill and capers, both of which would also rock.

    I’ve also made a smoked salmon “spread” before, with smoked salmon, high quality cream cheese and some other stuff, if you’re interested I can find the recipe.

  2. Make a lemon-cream sauce to serve with linguini. Crumble the salmon atop that.

    Or, it’s yummy in a variation of eggs benedict.

  3. We actually make pizza with it sometimes. Homemade crust, either a white or red sauce, some dill, cheese (can be mozz or something else, I like goat cheese), and a sprinkling of capers.

  4. This is a recipe from a friend of mine. I’ve made it and it’s really really good. She calls it Simple, elegant, heart attack on a plate, but she does overstate occasionally. It isn’t that bad and worth every tiny bit of fat.


  5. Bagels! Fresh bagels, cream cheese, and capers. A squeeze of lemon, onions, or tomatoes are optional.

  6. Doesn’t need to be dressed up — put it on a plain bagel with good-quality cream cheese, none of that Philly crap. Mmmm, lox.

  7. This is deeply sad since I live in Seattle, but I have few creative ideas.

    That said, since I’m FROM the east coast originally, my favorite thing to do with smoked salmon is put it on a proper toasted bagel (and proper bagels are damned hard to find in the Pacific Northwest) with cream cheese. Plus tomatoes and capers and cucumbers if I’m feeling fancy. (Some people do onions, too, but I’m allergic so I don’t.)

    1. This. Also, you could put it in an omelet with a little caviar and cream cheese. Don’t sautee the salmon before hand at all, though. You could also put it in a salad.

    2. A proper bagel does not need to be toasted, because you don’t need ot hide how it tastes ;). But since Tempest is in NYC, she should have that covered!

      Lox and cream cheese and bagel is my recommendation. Open face, perhaps with a slice of tomato.

      1. True. I just like them toasted. (And despite its excellent, excellent salmon, Seattle is sadly lacking in the bagel department. Out here toasting is practically a necessity. Sigh.)

  8. I was going to say. It is an excellent appetizer over crackers. (Some people do dill sauce or cream cheese but I think that is gross.) It is indeed very salty so it tends to overwhelm any other flavors it’s in contact with.

    (In my step-family’s household, mimosas and smoked salmon on crackers are the traditional Christmas morning food items, presumably so that drunken brunch-preparations can get underway shortly thereafter.)

  9. If its already smoked, you don’t cook it. Serve it as an appetizer. It is very rich and very salty. Doesn’t make a good main course.

  10. My favorite thing to do with smoked salmon is very simple. Spread cream cheese on a cracker and place a piece of smoked salmon on top. If you are feeling fancy, add some dill. I typically like to cook things, but with smoked salmon, I feel the flavor comes out the best when eaten like this.

  11. If it’s a breakfast-type meal, you can do a wonderful scramble with caramelized onions and crumbled smoked salmon. You can also probably contrive a pasta sauce with the same ingredients, although for that, I’d check out recipes on the internet. That’s what I do when I’m faced with similar questions.

  12. Served over linguine, in a white sauce with sage and asparagus.

    thro it in in the last minute to some pan fried broccoli florettes in a white wine sauce with capers and fresh tomato

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