[WisCon 35] Oh Crap, I Haven’t Figured Out What I’m Reading This Weekend

[WisCon 35] Oh Crap, I Haven't Figured Out What I'm Reading This Weekend

I was supposed to do that. Um.

Maybe I’ll read The Birth of Pegasus. Or Until Forgiveness Comes.

*looks at newish stuff* Fie.

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5 thoughts on “[WisCon 35] Oh Crap, I Haven’t Figured Out What I’m Reading This Weekend

    1. It hasn’t been published yet (though currently with an editor who requested it specifically). I read it at World Fantasy last year, which you can see here.

  1. Have you all ready done “Elan Vital”? Or an excerpt from your novella? (which I quite enjoyed).

    Your posts make me wish I could attend WisCon. It sounds glorious.

    1. you should come! I save up all year to go.

      I would have read Elan Vital except that the theme of the reading was more on the fantasy side of things.

      Actually, I’ve never read Elan in public. I might break down into tears.

      1. Maybe I can come to Wiscon when the kids are older (I’ll start saving:). I only leave them now when required for work…

        Elan Vital….at least everyone else would be crying with you. It’s a remarkable story. I will check out the other later today – THANK YOU for sharing the link!

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