WisCon Netbook Meetup

So, over at my tech blog, Victoria mentioned that she wanted to have a netbook panel at WisCon.  I know she’d talked about this before, but I didn’t see it on the programming form.  I suggested that we have a luncheon or something similar where people who have netbooks can gather to talk about how awesome they are and people who are interested in netbooks can come, ask questions, and actually touch some of the beasts.  I’ll do my best to bring more than one, myself (though I don’t know if I will be allowed to do so).

Does this sound like a good idea to anyone else?  Shall we do it in an overflow room, head to Michaelangelo’s, or option C to be named in comments?  I think it could be a lot of fun.

So this is my week to get everything wrong on the internet!  :)  I think I will now just go to bed and not blog anymore for a while.  But yay netbook panel.

5 thoughts on “WisCon Netbook Meetup

  1. Yup, definitely saw it on the list. I intend to sign up, but I bet there’s an overabundance of people who want to be on it. There’s no spot to tell them which netbook you have so they can get diversity on the panel!

    An informal non-panel meetup is a good idea too though. More of a chance for people to check them out, I think. Or for people who missed the panel to get a second shot at finding out about them.

  2. it’s in the science and tech section. I offered to be on it, even, but only because i’ll be sad if it doesn’t happen for lack of panelists, n ot because I’m some expert, having had a netbook for all of two weeks now.

  3. It’s on the programming form. I think it’s in the first “track”, Technology and somethingorother. I thought you’d proposed it, actually. =)

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