Write-a-thon DONE omg

Write-a-thon DONE omg

Short post.  It was a photo finish but I finished off my sixth and most terrible chapter last night at 11:45.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  New job + ranting = no useful updates.  Plus, my writing habits changed a lot over these past few weeks because of said new job.  I wrote mostly on trains and late at night, eschewing the internet when possible to concentrate.  Then, of course, I was so tired I didn’t update my first draft LJ or email any sponsors with updates.  Bad me!

I did reach all of my goals, though :)  My chapters are all horrendous and terrible as I completely changed everything around between each one.  I guess I’ll have to start over again, but this time with a much better idea of what I’m doing (always helpful).  So it’s been a productive six weeks.

I will email all the sponsors sometime today.  Thanks for supporting me, everyone.  And look, $1010 for Clarion West and the Butler Scholarship!  WOO.

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