Yay WisCon! Yay New Connections!

As always happens after a con of awesomeness, the follows and friend requests on various social networks went way up from normal as I met and connected with a ton of new, awesome, wonderful people. However, because I am always running around like a crazy person at cons I don’t always remember everyone by LJ name or Twitter handle. So! If you friended me recently on LJ, please go here and let me know. This way I can be sure to put a note by your name saying “met at WisCon, is bound to be awesome.” If you followed me on Twitter, send an @ message and remind me that you’re a WisCon person. On Facebook, please include a note with your friend request. All of these things will help me filter you to the correct lists (I have some specifically for people I meet at cons and wish to know better) and help ensure that I get to continue talking with you about stuff. …

Have I mentioned that it was a long weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Yay WisCon! Yay New Connections!

  1. Sorry I missed you — maybe we can hang out a bit at World Fantasy? As of this moment, I am planning to attend. Barring anything earth shattering, I mean :-) I already cleared it with Jason. Who says ‘Hi Kimberley’, btw :-D

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