31 Years On This Planet

And I haven’t built a rocket to get myself off it just yet.  Must be doing something right.  :)  Birthday, woo!

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24 thoughts on “31 Years On This Planet

  1. Belated birthday greetings! The “30s” can be the most awesome decade yet. Here is hoping that is true for you!

  2. And you’ve done more with your 31 years than many people do with their lifetimes. Granted, the first two years were a bust, but your blog at age 3, “Angry Black Baby” was a much needed wake up call.

    Congrats, and thanks for not leaving the planet, it would have been a duller and more ignoranter place without you.

    Happy shiny birthday.

  3. Congratulations on leaving your 20s behind. (What? 30 still counts as 20s.) Now you too may be old enough to say, “These kids today! They’re on my lawn!”

  4. Happy Birthday! Sorry I wasn’t able to make Friday; I was actually in the process of making another offer on another house (Eek!)

  5. I don’t know, if I were you … let’s just say if you ever build that rocket, please consider taking me along. :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMGS. If I were there I would totally take you out for hookah or something.

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