My Childhood Keeps Coming Back To Haunt Me

Maybe because it’s my birthday Sunday?  I don’t know.  But I just binged on a bunch of TNG episodes and have been seeking out and binging on New Kids on the Block music.  YES I KNOW. I’m just feeling 12 or something lately.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been following Levar Burton and Brent Spiner on Twitter.  Every time I go OMG it’s Levar! I seriously feel 12 years old.  I’m going to go watch some Reading Rainbow now as I snack on gummi worms.

1 thought on “My Childhood Keeps Coming Back To Haunt Me

  1. i think we need moments like that to keep us sane…..

    i actually busted out my sega genesis a couple of weeks ago just to play bubble bobble…

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