Deeper Discount

This will seem weird as I don’t usually post about sales and bargains and stuff, but most of you reading this will appreciate it :) (which used to be DeepDiscountDVD) is having a 25% off sale.  This is awesome because their stuff is usually pretty cheap to begin with.  I did a bunch of holiday shopping last year with this discount, so grab stuff while you can.

Coupon code: DDAF
Valid from: 6 November 2008
Valid to: 24 November 2008
Valid for: 25% Off all DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs, PSP UMDs, “Fun Stuff” products, Posters, Storage furniture
Additional information: coupon is a one time use code per login, so customers should keep that in mind when ordering. The Coupon Code does not apply to pre-orders.

I may go ahead and finally buy the Doctor Who and Torchwood DVDs even tough I have all of the episodes. I hear the extras are pretty good, and it would be nice to watch without the BBC logo in the corner.

In other news, go Blog for a Beer.

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