I think that Genevieve and I are probably the only people in our circle of friends who will find her column today (Fantasy’s Guide to Holiday Fashion) uproariously hilarious. Back in the day we both worked for S/h/e/F/i/n/d/s, though she was a writer and I was a web monkey. We actually first met at a holiday cocktail party for the in-NY cadre of employees that featured some of the most expensive (tiny portions of) cheese ever.

Genevieve perfectly captured the style and tone and feel of our holiday fashion guides with her piece. I mean, really, if those clothes were actually in style, this seriously would have been published at SF. I’ve leave you to determine what that says about the state of our culture.

3 thoughts on “Fashionista

  1. I was expecting a fashion guide which included the worst of fan fashion. Like tie dyed crush velvet dresses with flowy sleeves or excessive use of chainmail.

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