Obsessive Stats Monitor Here

Obsessive Stats Monitor Here

Is it just me, or has Google’s blog search been kinda broken lately?  Like, I’ll look at the dashboard of a WordPress site and it will load some links, but then if I reload or come back 2 seconds later there will be none.  And then it will list a whole bunch of links to individual blog posts that do NOT link to the site in the post, but somewhere in the sidebar.  Used to be Google could tell the difference.

This is seriously putting a cramp in my style, people!  How can I obsess over stats if things are wonky?

2 thoughts on “Obsessive Stats Monitor Here

  1. Hmmm. I had that kind of experience in the past. I haven’t googled lately, though. I chalked it up to flakey google software. It’s possible that google is under attack by some hackers. I suppose that could cause such trouble.

  2. I’m having the same issue. It’s crazy-making.

    However, when you go into the stats dashboard and scroll down to the bottom, there’s another list of links that seems to only show the current ones.

    On the other hand, my google alerts are now occasionally offering me old sidebars. It’s annoying.

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