Good News, Bad News, WisCon Week Edition

Good News: My new roommates moved in today.  They are a handsome young gay couple, and it’s a little like living in an episode of Torchwood wherein Owen, Tosh, and Gwen are always off somewhere else and I’m alone in the hub with Jack and Ianto.  Except the hub is just a coffee shop or something and the greatest threat is noisy neighbors.  Still!  Nice fellows.

Bad News: Due to… issues… the DSL was cut off today.  Right in the middle of working.  I was literally writing an IM then, poof, nothing.  It won’t be back on until tomorrow, and it comepletely cut into me getting my work done for today.  Which leads to…

Good News: I have picked up one, possibly two new clients!  The possible client looks very promising and they’d like me to manage a blog.  Beauty products!  Awesome.  The definite new client has me doing web maintenance, which is very simple for me to do.  I may be able to eat the rest of this month after all.  And for many months to come!  Plus, several folks have asked for updates to their sites or other single jobs, which I’m really grateful for.

Hopefully bad news won’t slow me down too much tomorrow, but it does make things a bit more stressful with one day to go before I leave for WisCon.  However, the apartment is clean, I only have one more image for IAFAuctions to shoot, and laundry is happening today so packing can happen tomorrow before I go downtown for KGB.

Still, I could have done without Bad News today.

2 thoughts on “Good News, Bad News, WisCon Week Edition

  1. Really looking forward to seeing you at WisCon! :) (I was pondering KGB tonight,but I have a 6 AM flight, so… early to bed for me.)

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