Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mother’s birthday. Her name was Marjorie Bradford and she would have been 64. I dream about her still and miss her every day. I wrote Elan Vital for her. It’s been ten years and I still cry thinking about her. Like I am now.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. So sorry for your loss. I can only imagine that your mother was a completely awesome person, judging by her daughter.

    I lost my mom when I was 12, so this resonates with me very strongly.

  2. Oh, sweetie. I hate the birthdays, but I love them too in my fierce misery.

    :big big big big hug:

  3. Hearts hearts hearts hearts to you. “Elan Vital” is one of the very best short stories I’ve ever read and I recommended it to someone who also lost their mother the other day … with the caveat that it would probably make them cry. :( I’m sorry.

  4. My condolences. That’s so young.

    My dad’s birthday would have been last Sunday. My deepest sympathies on your loss.

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