Housekeeping: Comment Avatars

[This is a repost. Due to hackers, my ISPs server was compromised and I lost a few days worth of posts. You’ll need to reclaim your avatars, too. Sorry :( Stupid hackers.]

Remember many moons ago how I asked folks to suggest some more characters for my comment avatar pool? Well, I finally went ahead and took many of your suggestions and added 37 new avatars to the list. Now hopefully everyone won’t end up having to share avatars so often. I’ll also try to be better about keeping the spam filter clean, as that steals avatars away for some reason.

I may add some more at some point, so keep the suggestions coming.

Also, if you see an avatar you like, you can reserve it for yourself if you comment here often enough.

4 thoughts on “Housekeeping: Comment Avatars

  1. Well, I probably don’t comment enough anymore to “earn” an avatar, but it sure will be cool to see the new ones when I come to read your posts!

  2. I feel a bit like I’ve cheated. I don’t believe I comment enough to earn an avatar, but whatever. If I can’t keep Niobe, I’m perfectly happy to go with Henry.

    Where were role models like him when I was 8?

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