Housekeeping: Comment Avatars

[This is a repost. Due to hackers, my ISPs server was compromised and I lost a few days worth of posts. You’ll need to reclaim your avatars, too. Sorry :( Stupid hackers.]

Remember many moons ago how I asked folks to suggest some more characters for my comment avatar pool? Well, I finally went ahead and took many of your suggestions and added 37 new avatars to the list. Now hopefully everyone won’t end up having to share avatars so often. I’ll also try to be better about keeping the spam filter clean, as that steals avatars away for some reason.

I may add some more at some point, so keep the suggestions coming.

Also, if you see an avatar you like, you can reserve it for yourself if you comment here often enough.

Standing Up For Sisko And Janeway

Standing Up For Sisko And Janeway

Ben Sisko DS9Over on my Star Trek post I noticed something that I often see but don’t always comment on: the dismissal of Captains Janeway and Sisko (and their shows) as being bad, or mediocre, or not as good as Kirk/TOS, Picard/TNG or even Archer/ENT (wtf?).

I’m used to Janeway hate. Voyager started shaky, founds its footing, then fell on its face when a blond in a skin-tight jumpsuit wandered by. There were many individual moments of great television, but nothing that truly cohered. Plus, Janeway is a woman, and the sexism-laced commentary about her being too manly or too feminine or too whatever have flowed since the show began.

What I don’t understand is the lack of love for Sisko, who was by far the best Star Trek captain since Kirk. Deep Space Nine was the most ambitious and complex of all the shows, and explored issues that were sometimes touched on in the original series but rarely approached in The Next Generation. I realize that Star Trek began as Wagon Train in space, but is there no room in the franchise for a show that required a bit of deep thought?

What I’ve always wanted to do, and am now taking the chance to do, is to ask: what exactly do you dislike about Janeway and/or Sisko? And let’s not pussyfoot around here: I want concrete examples, not vague “she was too feminine!” bullcrap. I want to know in what way did Janeway’s femininity made her worse or negatively different than Kirk or Picard or Archer, if that’s your stance. Whatever your issue, bring it on.