I am the Mary Sue of this journal

My WisCon report will come later this week. I have a day off Thursday. But before that happens I need help!

So the Not Another F-ing Race Panel was da bomb diggity and so many awesome things came out of it. One of them was my answer to the question about what kind of companion animal I would want: a white pony with blue eyes and long, flowy hair to prance around behind me as I went through my day.

On Monday (and please forgive my fuzzy brain) someone showed me a drawing they did of this very thing!  yes, a prancing pony following me around! OMG.  I have completely forgotten who that was (fuzzy brain!) but I’m hoping they read my blog because I adore that picture to death and would love an electronic copy. From it I will make my new default icon: I am the Mary Sue of this Journal. (Another line from the panel, kinda.)