Pre-Write-A-Thon Nattering: Books, Books, Books

Here’s a picture of some books.


Here’s another picture of some books.


I have quite a few books that I am ready to part with. (Many of them sent for the Tiptree.) I’ve been building up the fortitude to drag them downtown to The Strand to see if I can sell them, but now I have a better idea! I will give them away as pledge-incentives for the Write-A-Thon.

Details will come soon. But take a close look at those books there (click for the hi-res versions). Start coveting one (or more) of them right now!

1 thought on “Pre-Write-A-Thon Nattering: Books, Books, Books

  1. You don’t have to give me books to get me to pledge again, but it’s much appreciated.

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