I enjoy things making fun of Twilight far too much

Seriously, it’s like a parallel fandom, making fun of those awful books. Have you all read Growing up Cullen? I blame Alaya for that one. I didn’t think I had it in me to laugh so hard. But oh, it gets better and better. Like this:

Let us frolic!

Click here for the source.

The last panel where they’re under the rainbow kills me every time. Particularly the puppy in the corner. Sparkling vampires. jeez.

(okay, here’s what is tragically sad and awesome at the same time. The alternafandom of Twilight-mockers? has a name: lolfans. They also have a wiki. Oh Cleolinda, I love you.)

8 thoughts on “I enjoy things making fun of Twilight far too much

  1. Oh man. I’m quickly joining the anti-fandom. I read the first book and felt like I was taking crazy pills or something. How to people love this book so much? And why do they keep calling it the next Harry Potter? Ahhhh

    It just doesn’t make sense to me. I want to break all the twihards dreams…and that makes me a mean person.

    Thanks for the wiki link, lol.

  2. ahahha, I’ve seen that comic floating about the inetwebs ^^
    And oh man, thanks to your…reenactment of the books at scifi…I can now walk by copies of Twilight and feel not a twinge of curiosity at what sort of evil may lie within their pages! NOT ONE!! I AM CURED!! *glomples you*

  3. My entire knowledge of Twilight is entirely based on what little my 13 year-old sister-in-law talks about. That wiki is an eye-opener. Hilarious!

    And you gotta love that puppy in panel three.

  4. Oh my. Thank you. I’ve finally found a home…in Cleoland, for I too simultaneously loathe and yet was (still am?) semi-obsessed with the Twilight series.

  5. Did you HAVE to post the link to that wiki? I’m losing hours of my life, woman!

    This anti-fandom is so bizarrely awesome.

  6. F_W is the very closest I can come to this anti-fandom. Because, to be conversant with the fandom, I would have to be conversant with the fannish source, and then I would have to stab my eyes out.

    Which would be very inconvenient. Cleolinda’s a great source, but I think double-arm’s reach is about the reach that’s good for me!

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