I Heart This Thursday

I Heart This Thursday October 2022

Welcome to I❤TT, a discussion thread for sharing stuff you love because we need more of that in life.

Please talk about or post a link, or two links, or even 5 links to things that bring you joy. Can be something cute your kid or pet did, a piece of art, a song, a book, a short story, an article, a video, posts from social media, anything.

And if these discussions are a source of joy for you, please do share this link with others who might need a space for talking about what we love.

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5 thoughts on “I Heart This Thursday October 2022

  1. I got a nice acceptance from a lit journal called Corner Bar. And by nice, I mean RAVES. I might frame it for when all the rejection makes me tired.

    Also the elder teen seems to be shifting out of his suicidal phase & that’s a huge relief.

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