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Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion has launched into the skies | November 2022 Tea Time With Tempest

Ruby is out in the world!

It’s been a tad over a month since Ruby Finley vs. the Interstellar Invasion launched itself into the hands of readers. I’ve been so humbled by the great response! Many people have shared pictures of their kids reading it and the reactions have all been great. I even got an Amazon review from a 9 year old who said “…this book is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever read.” THAT is the greatest compliment an author can get!

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered or bought it in the last month or who will buy it as soon as the budget allows. And huge, huge thanks to everyone who has reviewed it on bookstore sites and Goodreads and StoryGraph so far. Y’all are so great.

Due to a snafu, I haven’t had a “launch” event yet, but will later this month. It should happen on November 28th at Powell’s Books in Cedar Hills. I’ll send all the details as soon as that’s settled. Should be a fun time!

If you haven’t bought your copy yet…

My Ruby Finley landing page has links to all the places you can get the book, including my bookstore Tempestuous Books. And if you do happen to buy it from there and enter the Promo/Discount Code TEMPEST (case sensitive), you can get 10% off until the end of the year. The Libro.fm audiobook promo code also still words: TEMPEST to get 30% off.

If you’re a physical book store person, I have been signing stock! I signed some books at the Rookwood location of Joseph-Beth in Cincinnati and 57th Street Books in Chicago a couple weeks back, and I’m going to sign stock at a few bookstores in Portland and Seattle ovr the next week and a half. I’ll update you on locations once I’m done!

Help me keep up the momentum?

The rush of a book launch eventually tapers off, eventually. I’m going to keep promoting the book as much as I can in many different ways. If you’d like to help the book get in front of every person who would love it, here are some easy ways:

  1. Check to see if the library systems near you have the book yet. If they don’t, request they get it! Libraries do listen to requests from the community.
  2. Share posts about the book on social media. Here’s a tweet, a Facebook status, and an Instagram post you can share.
  3. If you know a school librarian or a teacher, let them know about the book and see if they’ll get it for their lass or school.
  4. Keep reviewing! You can review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s website, Books a Million, Kobo, Google Play, Goodreads, and Storygraph. You can cross-post reviews if you like. Reviews definitely help with discovery.
  5. Personal recommendations to friends and family are, of course, always awesome.


If you’ll be at GGC this weekend, please come to my panel! I’ll be on “Our Favorite Female Sleuths” Saturday at 1PM along with Sarah Gulde, Seanan McGuire, and Crystal Frasier. here’s the description:

From Jessica Fletcher to Phryne Fisher, let’s talk about the female sleuths we love! What did the writers get right, what did they get wrong, and why do we love these inquisitive characters so much?

I’m always down to talk Murder, She Wrote and will also mention the ways it inspired aspects of Ruby Finley. Hope to see you there!

I don’t have an official signing, but if you come to the panel and bring the book I’ll find a spot in a public area to sign it.

Coming Soon

As we get into the holiday season I’ll be setting up some sales in the merch shop, I’ll be offering some new swag, and there will be Ruby bookplates on offer. Everything will be in the newsletters.

Enough About Me

I’m ready to hear from you 🤗 Just one note: this is a community space. Please keep in mind that this is my space, so please act the way you would if you were in my actual parlor having actual tea with me 😍

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