Interfictions Auction & Music Project

Interfictions Auction & Music Project

I know I mentioned the Interfictions Auction here a while ago but there have been some new developments which allow me to mention it again. I’m tricksy.

First thing is to remind people that, though this auction is mainly to benefit Interfictions 2, we’re accepting creations based on stories from the first anthology, too. We’re not offering to send free stories, but you can always buy it (tricksy!).  If you’re interested, let us know here.

Second thing is that we have a separate but related initiative: The Interfictions Music Project. Since auctioning music doesn’t make much sense, we’re going to sell music, instead. Same deal as with the auction: musicians can base songs or mixes on any story from Interfictions 1 or 2 (they can request an advance story from IF2). We’ll sell the music as downloads during the auction. If we get enough, we’ll create an EP or LP. More details and sign-up form is here.

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  1. Hey, I recall a bit ago you were mentioning not getting scheduled posts to xpost to LJ. I just did the first stage of a massive conversion to WP, along with scheduling all the posts — and got a whallop of “missed schedule” on them. Turns out it’s some kind of bug resulting from a minor but crucial change from 2.6 to 2.7 — has to do with local time and server time. Long story short, there is a plugin to deal with it, called Subliminal… MIA, I think. Just do a search for Subliminal, or try 5ubliminal if the first doesn’t work. Bad news is you have to register for the guy’s site before you can d/l, which is a hassle, but the little plugin is worth it. Just cut and paste into your functions.php file, and then open one of hte missed schedule posts, set as draft, save, and then you can save as published — and it’ll go right down the line, fix the rest, and no more missed schedule posts. I suspect that may also fix the LJ xposting issue, as well.

    A’course, if someone already enlightened you about the plugin, disregard. But if not, there you go!

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