Jill Sobule!! Here!

Okay, here’s the thing, I need to be careful about my spending right now and I need to prepare for WisCon.  But I found out last night that Jill Sobule is giving a concert at Joe’s Pub tomorrow night.  I love Jill down to my toes and would not pass up a chance to see her for anything.  So apparently I am on ramen for the rest of the week, I need to see her!

Does anyone want to join me?  Tickets are actually reasonable–$21 with the online booking fee–and I have a dinner reservation so we’ll actually have a seat.  It’s Jill Sobule!  She’s so awesome.  Come see.

3 thoughts on “Jill Sobule!! Here!

  1. Do you know how Joe’s Pub works with dinner reservations and everything? I’m going to see a different show there next Wednesday, but I wasn’t sure how it worked with seating and stuff.

    1. in order to guarantee a seat for the show you have to make a dinner res. otherwise you might be able to grab a seat at the bar, but as there are very few it’s unlikely unless you get there early. (this has been true the two times I’ve been there, but it may vary depending on the popularity of the artist.) downside is that it’s a two drink/$12 minimum per person.

  2. If I were in town, I would be the first to say hell yes. I saw Jill a bunch of times during my Pittsburgh years; she is a great songwriter, a fantastic performer, and a sweet person. In case anyone else reading this needs extra urging, I’m here to back you up: HEY PEOPLE, GO SEE JILL SOBULE WITH TEMPEST!!!

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