Jill Sobule + NYC + Tempest = Best Night Evar

Jill Sobule + NYC + Tempest = Best Night Evar

One of my favorite singers, Jill Sobule, is performing in NYC on the 14th of April. Only one show announced so far and I definitely want to go. I’ll go by myself because I love her that much but I would love to have some company.

Tickets are $18 and the concert is at Joe’s Pub, which means you aren’t guaranteed a seat unless you also make a dinner reservation which carries a $12 minimum (I know, they suck, and I would not put up with it except it’s Jill….). Anyway, I already made a reservation for two. If you buy a ticket, you can join me!

Any takers?  She’s really awesome… :)

4 thoughts on “Jill Sobule + NYC + Tempest = Best Night Evar

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  2. Oh! She’s so good! Wish I could go. Wish I hadn’t already bought MaryStu tix for that night…. (Yeah, Mary Stu. Not Mary Sue. OK – it’s “Mary Stuart” the Schiller play, on B’way. Phooey.)

  3. I forget — do we already both know that we are both big Jill Sobule fans? I used to go see her play in little Pittsburgh venues all the time. One time Stacy and her friend got called up on stage to sing along.

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